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Hope and Healing Through Connection

DHH is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing quality of life through the provision of non-medical support for those affected by or caring for an individual with a life-threatening illness, as well as bereavement support.

What is The Oasis Program?

What is The Oasis Program?

Wecome to the living room of Doane House Hospice, here we are able to provide a safe environment for social interaction and activities that illness can often restrict. The Oasis Program is offered every Thursday at DHH 10 am – 2 pm with lunch provided.

Imagine a place that you can visit each week, removed from your routine, and take refuge from the world...

Just as the programs name suggests, Oasis is a place to relax and be refreshed, with a companiable lunch included.  All activities are individualized to the interests of the participants, and can include: massage therapy; reiki, yoga; journalling; speakers, and painting.

 How can You be involved?

Becoming involved with Oasis is as simple as calling to arrange an assessment by one of our professional staff. As with all programs, Oasis is free of charge and open to anyone with a life-threatening illness who is mobile, cognitive and responsible for his or her own personal care needs and medication.

The house is walker and wheelchair friendly and should transportation be needed to the program, volunteer drivers can be arranged.

Time: Thursday, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Registration required: Yes
Contact: Susanne Urzendowsky, MSW,RSW 905-967-0259 

Oasis Program Lunch 

If the old farmers table could talk, it would share lots of laughter, sometime tears and many stories of the 30+ years. Our Oasis lunch has been providing comfort with a sense of belonging to those individuals who have used our services and have regularly shared not only a meal here, but their hopes, their fears and their dreams.


Oasis Program Lunch Providers

Our sincere thanks goes to the organizations listed below for providing wonderful lunches and snacks to our Oasis clients on a weekly basis.  To be able to provide nutritious and healthy food options is something Doane House Hospice promotes.


 A Million Mouthfuls

A Million Mouthfuls
Bagel World

Bagel World

16995 Yonge St
ON L3Y 5Y1

Chip and Malt

Chip and Malt

201 Main St S,
ON L3Y 3Y9

The Maid’s Cottage

The Maid’s Cottage

223 Main Street S. Newmarket, ON, L3Y 3Y9

(905) 954-0202

Oasis Volunteer

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Picture This

Help sustain the Art Therapy program by purchasing prints of some of the art created by the clients.

Featured Art From the

Art Therapy Program

Art Therapy is a different approach to traditional talk therapy, where participants can use the art process to express thoughts and feelings they may not know how to otherwise express.