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Hope and Healing Through Connection

DHH is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing quality of life through the provision of non-medical support for those affected by or caring for an individual with a life-threatening illness, as well as bereavement support.

What is Art Therapy?

 It is a privilege to witness how imagery gives shape and understanding to the unique and inspiring stories told by our Hospice families.   -  Art Therapist

Cancer Warrior

Cancer Warrior

Cancer Warrior
Spinning Room
Watery Eyes
Daddy’s Sick
Fear Inside
Deep Sadness
Grief Tree
He Loved Frogs
Fading Memories
Above the Wound
Broken Heart
Depression vs. Hope
In Memory of my Son


We use a non-directive approach to art therapy.  Virtually all of the art created in the Art Therapy Program is created using a spontaneous approach.  Clients use simple nurturing materials such as clay, paint, and oil and chalk pastels, the joys of our childhood.  Despite the serious nature of grief and loss, playfulness and creativity are keys in the art therapy process.  No art experience is necessary (stick figures are welcome).

 Individual and group sessions are available for participants from tots to seniors, with Programs for Newly Diagnosed, Caregiver, and Bereaved clients. Traditional talk therapy support is also available in the Adult Caregiver and Bereavement Programs.

Our professionally trained Art Therapists, work with participants in sessions that are typically 30-60 minutes in length.  They have a deep understanding of interdisciplinary and creative processes in the fields of art, psychology, and music.  It is always an honour to support and guide Hospice families through the Art Therapy process as they share their hopes, dreams, struggles, and losses.                        

- Art Therapy Department of DHH


Sponsored in part by Bingo World Newmarket

Sponsored in part by Bingo World Newmarket

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Time: By appointment
Tel: 905-967-0259

Talking about Art Therapy

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Picture This

Help sustain the Art Therapy program by purchasing prints of some of the art created by the clients.

Featured Art From the

Art Therapy Program

Art Therapy is a different approach to traditional talk therapy, where participants can use the art process to express thoughts and feelings they may not know how to otherwise express.